How To Earn Cash On TikTok Without Putting Your Face Out There

How To Earn Cash On TikTok Without Putting Your Face Out There Do you know that TiTok content producers may make up to $20,000 monthly? If your audience is big and your material is good, you can do it too

May 1, 2023 - 18:13
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How To Earn Cash On TikTok Without Putting Your Face Out There

How To Earn Cash On TikTok Without Putting Your Face Out There
Do you know that TiTok content producers may make up to $20,000 monthly? If your audience is big and your material is good, you can do it too.

You are too nervous to appear in front of a camera, and you don't want to expose your face. But don't worry—you're not alone yourself. And what's this? TiTok still allows anonymous users to generate money.

I'll demonstrate several tried-and-true methods as well as a few original ones for making money on TikTok anonymously.
To attract an audience and earn money online, you may post unforgettable moments from a certain sport, display renowned nations' historic structures, create how-to or DIY movies, or display your foot.

So without further ado, let's get started.

What conditions must be met in order to earn money on TikTok?

To directly monetize your TikTok account, you must be 18 years old, have 10,000 followers, and 100,000 views. You may submit an application for the TikTok Creator Fund after you meet these requirements.

# TikTok Income Strategies While Remaining Anonymous

Here are some pointers for producing material covertly:
Videos Related to Sports
I'm a soccer enthusiast, namely a fan of Messi. I often watch his TikTok videos on his abilities and objectives.

The intriguing aspect about these movies, which consist just of highlights with background music added, is that they are receiving millions of views and likes.
More revenue, more viewers, and more subscriptions result from this. And you did it all without revealing your face.

Now, where do we begin? Choose the sports that people like first. Then, look at different games to find which sports category on TikTok has the most viewers. Football and basketball are the most played sports.
Get the footage of players' distinctive abilities and crucial game moments right now. First, add background music and effects to the video. Upload the video after that.

To make the material more visible, don't forget to include pertinent hashtags to the video's description.

How Do I Sell Foot Photos Using the Cash App?

Exchange Travel Stories
Sharing your vacation experiences on TikTok is an additional option to get viewers and make money without revealing your identity. Unfortunately, a lot of individuals lack the financial means to visit other nations, enjoy their natural surroundings, and make new friends.

While hiding behind the camera, you may assist them in sharing their trip. Such videos are ideal for TikTok monetization since they get a lot of traffic.

Putting Your Feet Out
Let me explain why it will work, even if it may first sound startling. People are becoming more drawn to feet. As a result, the majority of people—especially women—sell pictures of their feet for a lot of money on numerous platforms.

In a video, display your feet or nail paint. Numerous shoe firms, jewellery businesses, the fashion sector, beauticians, physicians, and those who have foot fetishes will be among your target market.

With the correct hashtags, you may capture their interest and grow your following to the point where TikTok will pay you. Additionally, a few of these businesses could sponsor you to advertise their merchandise, such shoes or jewellery.

This traffic may be sent to your blog or another website where you sell images of feet. You may create many income sources in this manner.

Use FeetFinder as the greatest platform to start earning money by selling your photos of your feet. You may earn money on FeetFinder by selling your Feet albums, gaining paying members, and getting tips from your followers. On FeetFinder, you may sell pictures of your feet.

Product Evaluations
The best choice to increase your channel's exposure and attract viewers is this one. Additionally, a lot of businesses use affiliate programmes to advertise their goods.

You may choose one of these initiatives, like Amazon's, and begin advertising the company's goods.

Making a video on the product and providing a frank review of it is all that is required. The item might be food from well-known companies, technology, or cosmetics.

Could you please be truthful in your response? You don't want phoney product reviews to cost you subscribers.

You will get a certain proportion from these affiliate networks if your product review enables customers to choose the best product and purchase it through the link you provided in the video.

Utilize animation
Animations are a powerful tool for keeping viewers interested. Animations make a number of difficult procedures simple to understand.

To create and add the animations, you don't need to be an expert. Numerous platforms simplify the process of creating animations and provide you energy that is already created.

Animations may also be used to conceal your face. You may develop and publish your material in this manner without having to reveal your face.

Streaming games live
Numerous sites are pushing its users to live-stream video games in the wake of Twitch's popularity. Naturally, TikTok made the most of this chance. Live game streaming on TikTok is now a trend that is quite popular.

Playing your preferred game and live-streaming it on TikTok is the only step required. However, you should choose the games that people are most interested in first.

How can I tell which game has more players?

Simply search for the game on TikTok to find out how many people are watching it; the higher the viewership, the more well-liked the game is.

Utilize a Mix of Viral Videos

Utilize TikTok to combine viral videos and engage your audience. Make a film on the "Most viewed TikTok videos in 2022," for instance. In this approach, you may entice additional viewers with the aid of material that has already been authorised.

Share Your Talent

If you are skilled, you may display your creations, describe how you did it, and provide suggestions on how to become better at it. If you are talented at painting, for instance, make little movies of your technique and provide advice on how to achieve various effects or styles. All of this is possible while maintaining your anonymity.

Tutorial Videos

Some life hacks, do-it-yourself projects, or how-to videos on TikTok get more viewers. There are several possibilities, but you should choose the one that you are most adept at. If you're a good chef, share your recipes and techniques for preparing various foods.

Without having to reveal your face, your material will still be distinctive and appealing if you do this.

Share your pet's story

I suppose it's difficult to not adore animals. So, if you own a pet dog or cat, you may make money on TikTok by posting videos of your animal's daily activities. Create films on how to teach, groom, care for, and breed your pet; because people like animals, you'll receive a lot of views.

Asking Strangers Questions

Sharing the tales of strangers, as Brandon Stanton does in Humans of New York, is another technique to get more views on TikTok without having to reveal your identity. You will discover amazing life tales of actual people in this manner, complete with their sentiments, feelings, pains, joys, successes, and failures. As a consequence, more individuals may be able to identify with these tales and contribute to their becoming viral on TikTok.
Advice on How to Get More Views on Your TikTok Videos

Here are some ideas to help you increase viewership for your TikTok videos:

Use appropriate hashtags
Streamline the background music
Plan to post videos when more people are active on TikTok.
know who they are
Include new material


The TikTok website is a great way to earn money where you may generate brief films and benefit your followers.

However, some individuals find it awkward to share their faces on TikTok. This blog post is intended especially for people who want to earn money on TikTok covertly. I hope you will find this post useful.