Use your cat to earn money on social media

Make money from social media by using your cat Profit from your cat. We've posted several fantasy occupations on our site, but cat-sitting is one that we know millions of people would compete for as a side business

May 1, 2023 - 18:15
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Use your cat to earn money on social media

Profit from your cat. We've posted several fantasy occupations on our site, but cat-sitting is one that we know millions of people would compete for as a side business. Many of the people we know who do this do it around their jobs.

Give your cat a professional career.

Conversely, there are a number of cat-sitting organisations out there, like Pawshake,, and Cat In A Flat, if you need someone to watch after your cat while you're at work or on vacation. You could wish to apply for a position with one of those companies or simply advertise yourself as a cat sitter. Our most current study indicates that you might make up to £2350 annually.

Angie Rance, a cat sitter based in London, has been doing it for a while. Angie claims to be able to earn roughly £20 per day while working with and has also acquired a few clients via word of mouth. If she has the time or is needed to do this five times a week, that's £100 per week; but, owing to her availability, she often makes more in the neighbourhood of a few hundred every month.

Angie said, "Cat feeding has been a lovely additional source of money (which, since moving to being self-employed, is quite useful) as well as an opportunity to meet neighbours, explore new areas of the neighbourhood, and best of all, hang out with nice cats."

Also, it's fantastic for ensuring that you walk every day!

As a result, there are numerous places to begin if you want to work as a cat sitter.You get to meet many amazing felines, and it may work around your schedule and way of life!
Furthermore, how to make money with your cat

Get your pet some Instagram fame!

If you own a cat—or cats—you likely have albums full of images or videos of them being adorable or amusing while you're home or away.

People like attractive cats, particularly when they are engaging in amusing or noteworthy behavior. Because there will always be a need for fresh images and videos online, it makes sense to satisfy that want and earn money in the process.

Put your attention on something unique or particular about your cat.

Even if you don't make any money from your new endeavour right away, you could gain popularity over time. As your cat becomes well-known, businesses may pay you to promote their goods and services to your audience.

You could eventually start making a lot of money. Before his death, Grumpy Cat, for instance, made almost $100 million. Not bad for a grumpy person!

Adopting trends is another method to make your cat famous on Instagram. Search data may be used to gauge a trend's level of popularity, which can influence how lucrative it is.

Spread your expertise to others.

Why not impart your expertise to others if you've kept cats for a long time and love reading articles and research on their behaviour, breeds, etc.? People could find it helpful, and over time, you might be paid for this.

You may do this by creating a blog and posting often on engaging cat-related subjects. You might ask cat product firms to collaborate with you when more people start reading your site. They may decide to sponsor some of your social media postings or purchase advertising on your website.

With time, your blog may even help you get an eBook or a complete book contract!

Finally, you might offer to give talks for a small fee at community gatherings, schools, and organizations. Who knows, one day you could even have the opportunity to impart your expertise on cats on international platforms.

Offer pictures of your pet to stock photo sites.

Selling them to stock galleries and other online outlets is another way to monetize your work. Believe it or not, people genuinely need these to promote their websites, companies, or articles by using photographs of your lovely kitty. It's a lovely way to earn money doing things you like.

Even though you're unlikely to earn a tonne of money, you could sometimes get a small but nice windfall. And with the labour of others, your fluffy buddies will endure forever.

 Incorporate the activities you'd perform with your cat with those of other people's cats.

Some pet owners like their pets but are unable to provide for them for a variety of reasons. But they'll pay someone else to handle it instead.

Profit from it by providing your services as follows:

When you take your own cat to the vet, you may use a pet taxi service.
A pet sitter, particularly if your animal or bird buddy likes company

Lastly, you'll see that a lot of cat-related contests don't really provide cash prizes. However, if you submit your pet, you may be entered to win a year's supply of pet food or something similar.

These kinds of contests are often held by many businesses, and all it takes to enter is to post a picture.

If your furry friend is exceptionally beautiful, don't forget to keep an eye out for local cat exhibitions as well!